Harga Daihatsu Xenia 2011

Harga Daihatsu Xenia 2011
- Surabaya
per Mei 2011

Xenia 1.3 Xi VVTi
harga mobil xenia
Luxury and pride

Xenia 1.0 Li VVTi
daihatsu indonesia
Elegant and functional

Xenia 1.0 Mi VVTi
kredit mobil xenia

Xenia Price List as of May 2011 in Surabaya

Xenia Li 1000cc
Xenia Li 1.0 Deluxe Rp. 131.800.000
Xenia Li 1.0 Deluxe Plus Rp. 138.300.000
Xenia Li 1.0 Deluxe Family Rp. 143.700.000
Xenia Li 1.0 Deluxe Sporty Rp. 145.600.000

Xenia Xi 1300cc

Xenia Xi 1.3 Deluxe Rp. 141.200.000
Xenia Xi 1.3 Deluxe Plus Rp. 147.700.000
Xenia Xi 1.3 Deluxe Family Rp. 153.600.000
Xenia Xi 1.3 Deluxe Sporty Rp. 155.200.000

* Prices above are tentative, subject to change without prior notice.

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